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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee:wmay52@hotmail.com

   September wrestling news

TOKYO (September 27) – Asia bronze medal winner Nobuyoshi Arakida will replace world team member Takahiro Shimonaka on men's freestyle squad for the Asian Games in November, the Japan Wrestling Federation has announced. The JWF executive board accepted Shimonaka's request to sit out the Asian Games being held in Guangzhou, China after the former Kokushikan University wrestler finished 26th at the world championships.

Arakida finished third at 120kg at the 2009 Asian championships and also has a bronze medal from the 2008 junior world championships.

Along with Arakida, Tsukasa Tsurumaki at 74kg in greco-roman and two-time world champ Mio Nishimaki at 63kg in women's freestyle will be new to the squad. Tsurumaki will step in for Takehiro Kanakubo and Nishimaki will substitute for Kaori Icho.

The Japanese squads in Guangzhou will be:
Men's freestyle
55kg – Yasuhiro Inaba, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
60kg – Hiroyuki Oda, Kokushikan University
66kg – Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, Japan Self-Defense Forces
74kg – Kazuyuki Nagashima, Clean-up wrestling club
84kg – Atsushi Matsumoto, ALSOK security company club
96kg – Takao Isokawa, Tokuyama University staff
120kg – Nobuyoshi Arakida, Senshu University graduate

55kg – Kohei Hasegawa, Fukuichi fisheries company club
60kg – Ryutaro Matsumoto, Gunma Yakult sales club
66kg – Tsutomu Fujimura, Japan SDF
74kg – Tsukasa Tsurumaki, Japan SDF
84kg – Norikatsu Saikawa, Ryomo Yakult sales club
96kg – Katsuya Kitamura, Don Quixote club
120kg – Hirokazu Shinjo, Japan SDF

Women's freestyle (Olympic categories)
48kg – Hitomi Sakamoto, Japan SDF
55kg – Saori Yoshida, ALSOK security
63kg – Mio Nishimaki, Shigakkukan graduate school
72kg – Kyoko Hamaguchi, Japan Beverage


TOKYO (September 29) – Three-time Olympic champion Bouvaisa Saitiev (RUS) is listed on the roster of lecturers for the FILA Advanced School for Coaches of Female Wrestling to be held next month in Tokyo.

Saitiev is slated to talk about training plans for elite teenage wrestlers during the November 11-14 seminar at the national team training center.

Other lecturers will include Yuji Takada, executive director of the Japan Wrestling Federation, women's national team director Kazuhito Sakae and men's national team director Mitsuru Sato. Lectures will be augmented with separate sessions on the mat.


TOKYO (September 17-18) – Takushoku University edged two-time defending champion Waseda 4-3 to claim the collegiate national dual meet title at Komazawa Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Taichi Oka, a double champion in freestyle and greco-roman at the collegiate open in August, secured the win for Takushoku with a fall at 120kg to give Takushoku its second overall dual meet crown and first in four years. Oka was named the outstanding wrestler of the tourney.

Nihon University and Yamanashi Gakuin University took home the trophies for third place.


TOKYO (September 27) – The Nippon Sports Science University wrestling club had a ban on its wrestlers entering competition lifted by the East Japan collegiate wrestling federation on September 25. The decision was accepted two days later by the Japan Wrestling Federation.

NSSU wrestlers will be allowed to compete in events held by the JWF and its affiliate associations. This means that individual wrestlers from NSSU will be able to compete in the National Sports Festival in early October in Chiba while the NSSU team will return to action at the national collegiate greco-roman championships in Tokyo, October 14-15.

The ban had been in place for nearly a year following a sexual assault on a woman in Yokohama by one of the team's members in the summer of 2009. The team member was arrested, confessed the crime and was expelled.

The school, East Japan student wrestling federation and the JWF all imposed an “indefinite” ban on practice and competition for the club. The ban went into effect last October.

Since then, the club has reorganized with a new line-up of administrators and coaches. The team was allowed to resume training in April.


BEIJING (September 1) – Chikako Matsukawa and Hiroe Suzuki took silver medals in the women's wrestling events at the inaugural SportAccord Combat Games competition in Beijing.

Matsukawa and Suzuki each won three bouts in their preliminary groups but fell in the gold medal matches at 55kg and 72kg, respectively. Matsukawa lost to former world bronze medalist Brittanee Laverdure (CAN) and Suzuki lost to last year's world champion Qin Xiaoqing (CHN).

Kayoko Kudo, meanwhile, went 2-1 in her preliminary group matches at 63kg and then defeated former junior world silver medalist Paulina Grabowska (POL) in the final fifth and sixth place.

Japan's other scheduled entry in the women's events Mika Naganuma was injured in the collegiate open championships in August and did not wrestle in Beijing.

Meanwhile, Japan's entries in the men's events failed to win a medal with Sotaro Yamada getting the closest with a fourth place 80kg in pankration.

Results of Japanese entries:

Women's wrestling
48kg – NAGANUMA, Mika (did not compete, injury)

55kg – MATSUKAWA, Chikako (2nd, 8 entries)
P1 – df. Liu Gui (CHN), 2-0 (3-2, 3-0)
P2 – df. Tatiana Debien (FRA) by fall, 1P (F7-0)
P3 – df. Katerina Dombrovska (AZE), 2-0 (5-1, 5-0)
F1 – lost to Brittanee Laverdure (CAN), 1-2 (3-0, 1-1, 1-2)

63kg – KUDO, Kayoko (5th, 8 entries)
P1 – df. Yang Panpan (CHN), 2-0 (1-1, 2-1)
P2 – lost to Amberle Montgomery (USA) by fall, 1P (F0-4)
P3 – df. Olga Kalonina (KAZ) by default
F5 – df. Paulina Grabowska (POL) by fall, 1P (3-0)

72kg – SUZUKI, Hiroe (2nd, 7 entries)
P1 – df. Anna Wawrzcka (POL), 2-0 (1-0, 4-0)
P2 – df. Dacil Lopez Ortega (ESP)
P3 – df. Galina Ivanova (BUL), 2-1 (0-3, 4-0, 7-0)
F1 – lost to Qin Xiaoqing (CHN), 1-2 (0-1, 1-0, 0-1)

Men's pankration
80kg – YAMADA, Sotaro (4th)
P1 – lost to Andrey Koreshov (RUS), 2-15
P2 – df. Bauyrzhan Bergali (KAZ) by ippon
P3 – df. Sergio Lousa (POR) by ippon
F3 – lost to Vasyl Novikov (UKR), 14-15

90kg – SHIRAI, Masayoshi (8th)
P1 – lost to Sergii Guziev (UKR) by ippon
P2 – lost to Dimitri Milosevic (FRA) by ippon
P3 – lost to Mayindur Magomedov (RUS) by default
F7 – lost to Menelaos Rousochatzakis (GRE) by default

Men's grappling, no-gi
90kg – KUNO, Takanori (5th)
P1 – lost to Jose Francisco Rodenas Garcia (ESP), 0-1
P2 – lost to Mats Nilsson (SWE), 0-2
P3 – df. Dmytro Biloshapka (UKR), 1-0
F5 – df. Srdjan Rokovic (SRB) by default

90kg – SHIRAI, Masayoshi (8th)
P1 – lost to Lamberto Raffi (ITA), 0-6
P2 – lost ot Zbigniew Tyszka (POL), 0-3
P3 – lost to Srdjan Rokovic (SRB) by default
F7 – lost to Dmytro Biloshapka (UKR), 0-4

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