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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee:wmay52@hotmail.com


MOSCOW (September 11) – Khetag Gazyumov (AZE) scored a late takedown in the final at 96kg and ended Khadshimourad Gatslov's (RUS) bid for a fifth straight crown at the wrestling world championships in Moscow.

Gazyumov, the runner-up to Gatsalov in last year's world meet, dropped in for a single-leg with 30 seconds remaining in the final at Olympiysky Sports Complex and went behind for the deciding point after both wrestlers traded the first and second periods from the clinch. The triumph capped a successful year for Gazymov, who won the World Cup individual, European and Golden Grand Prix titles. In addition to his silver last year, Gazymov also owns a bronze medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Meanwhile, Gatsalov was trying for his fifth straight world title after winning the gold medal at the 2004 Athens Games. His streak was only interrupted by Shirvani Muradov (RUS) who replaced Gatsalov on the 2008 Olympic team and won the gold medal in Beijing.

The bronze medals at 96kg went to Georgi Gogshelidze (GEO), runner in this year's European championships, and former Asia champion Alexej Krupniakov (KGZ).

At 60kg, defending champion Besik Kudukhov (RUS) won his third world title and second at this weight with a hard-fought win of Vasyl Fedoryshyn (UKR), who adds the world silver to his silver medal from the 2008 Olympic Games. The 60kg final came down to a third-period clinch with Fedoryshyn having the advantage of the grip. Kudukhov escaped at the whistle and got in on Fedoryshyn's right leg. He then kicked out the left leg sending Fedoryshyn to his back to end the match.

Also at 60kg, 2006 world champion Seyed Mourad Mohammadi Pahnekalaei (IRI) and last year's runner-up Zelimkhan Huseinov (AZE) picked up the bronze medals.

In the 84kg final, Mihail Ganev (BUL) came from behind to defeat defending champ Zaurbek Sokhiev (UZB), 2-1. Trailing 0-2 in the third period, Ganev countered a low-single attempt by Sokhiev that put the defending champ on his back briefly. Ganev followed up quickly with a cross-ankle turn and stack for the deciding two points and his first world-level medal.

Pan American champ Reineris Salas Perez (CUB) won by default and 2009 European champ Soslan Ktsoev (RUS) won with a flurry of high-flying points at the end for the bronze medals.

Russia completed the second day of men's freestyle competition with a complete set of medals – gold, silver and bronze – to stretch its lead in the team competition to nine points, 37-28, over Azerbaijan. Cuba is in third at 25 points with the final three weight categories to be contested on September 12.
The championships conclude with action in the 66kg, 74kg and 120kg men's freestyle weight categories.


Men's freestyle

60kg (34 entries)
F1 – Besik Kudukhov (RUS) df. Vasyl Fedoryshyn (UKR), 2-1 (1-0, 1-1x=last point, 3-0=2:11)
F3 – Seyed Mourad Mohammadi Panhekalaei (IRI) df. Ulan Nadyrbek Uulu (KGZ), 2-1 (3-0, 1-3, 4-1)
F3 – Zelimkhan Huseynov (AZE) df. Ersin Cetin (TUR) by fall, 2P=1:58 (5-2, F3-0)
SF – Kudukhov (RUS) df. Mohammadi Panhekalaei (IRI) by fall, 2P=1:26 (2-0, F4-0)
SF – Fedoryshyn (UKR) df. Huseynov (AZE), 2-1 (0-2, 2-0, 2-0)

84kg (33 entries)
F1 – Mihail Ganev (BUL) df. Zaurbek Sokhiev (UZB), 2-1 (1-0, 0-4, 4-2)
F3 – Soslan Ktsoev (RUS) df. Piotr Ianulov (MDA), 2-0 (1-0, 8-3)
F3 – Reineris Salas Perez (CUB) df. Ibragim Aldatov (UKR) by default
SF – Ganev (BUL) df. Ktsoev (RUS), 2-0 (6-0, 4-3)
SF – Sokhiev (UZB) df. Aldatov (UKR), 2-0 (1-0, 1-0)

96kg (33 entries)
F1 – Khetag Gazyumov (AZE) df. Khadshimourad Gatsalov (RUS), 2-1 (0-1=2:02, 1-0=2:01, 1-0)
F3 – Alexej Krupniakov (KGZ) df. Ruslan Sheikov (BLR), 2-1 (1-0=2:05, 0-1, 1-0=2:02)
F3 – George Gogshelidze (GEO) df. Arfan Amiri (IRI), 2-0 (3-1, 3-1)
SF – Khetag Gazyumov (AZE) df. Alexey Krupniakov (KGZ), 2-0 (3-0, 3-0)
SF – Gatsalov (RUS) df. Amiri (IRI), 2-0 (3-0=2:05, 1-0=2:04)

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