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By William May
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   August wrestling news

SAKAI, Osaka (August 26-29) – Taichi Oka won titles in both freestyle and greco-roman and Takushoku University six of the 14 men's titles up for grabs at the all-Japan collegiate open wrestling championships.

Oka defeated defending champion Masayuki Amano of Chuo University in the 84kg final and was one of four Takushoku wrestlers to win a greco-roman title in the first half of the competition at Kanaoka Park Gymnasium outside Osaka. Oka was later named the outstanding wrestler of the tournament.

In men's freestyle, Oka's Takushoku teammate Sosuke Takatani rolled over Waseda freshman Kohei Kitamura in the 74kg final to successfully defend his collegiate open crown. Seshu and Waseda also doubled up on the titles while Yuto Aizawa claimed the heavyweight crown for Nihon University.

Shigakkan University, formerly Chukyo Women's University, took four of the titles, while International Pacific Rim University (IPU) which had a pair of champions last year was shut out.

Shigakkan's Ayaka Sato defeated last year's Asia champion Yurika Ito (IPU) in the 59kg final and was named the outstanding wrestler of the women's competition.

Waseda's Tomotsugu Ishida, who won for a second straight year, was awarded the outstanding wrestler award in men's freestyle, while the award in greco-roman went to Yuji Okamoto of Takushoku.

Winners in each category:

Men's freestyle
55kg – Mamoru Handa, Senshu University
60kg – Tomotsugu Ishida, Waseda University
66kg – Kotaro Tanaka, Waseda
74kg – Sosuke Takatani, Takushoku University
84kg – Seiji Suzuki, Senshu
96kg – Taichi Oka, Takushoku
120kg – Yuto Aizawa, Nihon University

55kg – Masaharu Kaji, Yamanashi Gakuin University
60kg – Yuta Uchimura, Takushoku
66kg – Yuki Okamoto, Takushoku
74kg – Takashi Taketomi, Waseda
84kg – Oka Taichi, Takushoku
96kg – Takuma Arizon, YGU
120kg – Masahiro Tanida, Takushoku

Women's freestyle
48kg – Nami Uchida, Toyo University
51kg – Anna Iwamura, Shigakkan University
55kg – Chiaki Arai, Waseda
59kg – Ayaka Sato, Shigakkan
63kg – Marina Takahashi, Waseda
67kg – Yoshiko Inoue, Shigakkan
73kg – Yuka Masuo, Shigakkan


ISHIGAKI, Okinawa (August 2-5) – Kasumigaura high school of Ibaraki won its third straight team title and 21st overall in the team tourney and seven “sembatsu” winners repeated as champions at the national high school freestyle wrestling championships.

Kasumigaura wrestlers lost three straight to Akita Shogyo to kick off the team final at Ishigaki municipal gymnasium, but took the next four weight categories for the title.

In the team semifinals, Kasumigaura rolled past local favorite Urasoe Kogyo (Okinawa) 6-1 and Akita Shogyou edged Hiryu high school (Shizuoka) 4-3. Urasoe Kogyo's trip to the semifinals was the first time that a school from Okinawa advanced to the final four of the high school national championships.

In the individual competition, seven winners from the national invitational (sembatsu) tourney in March also won national championship titles.

The only winner in Okinawa without an invitational crown was Ryo Kuwabara (Shizuoka) who stopped sembatsu winner Masakazu Kamoi (Kagawa) 2-0 from a pair of clinches at 60kg.

Three of the eight individual titles went to wrestlers from Kasumigaura, while five wrestlers from Okinawa advanced to the quarterfinals. Urasoe Kogyo's second-year ace Masaaki Shikiya was a runner-up at 96kg, and first-year student Ryuta Yonago, last year's MVP in the junior high school nationals, won a third place.

The outstanding wrestler award went to Tatsuya Yamazaki (Tokyo).

Individual winners:

50kg – Tatsuya Yamazaki, Jiyugaoka Gakuen (Tokyo)
55kg – Yuki Takahashi, Inabe Sogo Gakuen (Mie)
60kg – Ryo Kuwabara, Hiryu (Shizuoka)
66kg – Ken Hosaka, Saitama Sakae
74kg – Ryota Sakamoto, Kasumigaura (Ibaraki)
84kg – Yuya Matsuno, Kasumigaura (Ibaraki)
96kg – Koki Yamamoto, Hanabuki Tokuei (Saitama)
120kg – Katsutoshi Maekawa, Kasumigaura (Ibaraki)


SAKAI, Osaka (August 17) – The high school affiliate of Shigakkan University in Obu, Aichi won four of the nine titles on offer at the national high school girls wrestling championships at Kanaoka Park Gymnasium.

Yuki Irie (49kg), Kazuki Sakagami (56kg), Kanako Murata (60kg) and Chihiro Hashimoto (70kg) were all repeat championships. Sara Tosa (65kg), meanwhile, was the only first-year student to win a title.

Individual winners:

40kg – Minori Hasegawa, Tokyo
43kg – Chiso Ito, Saitama Sakae
46kg – Eri Noborizaki, Shigakkan (Aichi)
49kg – Yuki Irie, Okura Shogyo (Fukuoka)
52kg – Hikari Sugawara, Shigakkan (Aichi)
56kg – Kazuki Sakagami, Shigakkan (Aichi)
60kg – Kanako Murata, Abe Gakuin (Tokyo)
65kg – Sara Tosa, Shigakkan (Aichi)
70kg – Chihiro Hashimoto, Abe Gakuin (Tokyo)


SAKAI, Osaka (August 17-20) – Kasumigaura heavyweight Katsutoshi Maekawa won his second straight high school greco-roman title and his fourth overall title of the year at the national high school greco-roman championships.

Maekawa defeated Nobuyuki Uno (Shimane) in a repeat of the 120kg final at the high school freestyle championships earlier in the month. Maekawa also won the national invitational crown in March and the junior national title in April.

Meanwhile, Masakazu Kamoi (Kagawa) won his second title of the year at 60kg, following a triumph in the March invitational, and Masaaki Shikiya (96kg) was Okinawa's first high school greco-roman national champion since 1987.

50kg – Takuma Yamazaki, Hiryu (Shizuoka)
55kg – Minoru Ota, Yanai Gakuen (Yamaguchi)
60kg – Masakazu Kamoi, Kagawa Chuo
66kg – Shunto Kamei, Noda Chuo(Chiba)
74kg – Kentaro Takizawa, Kitagoe (Niigata)
84kg – Hisashi Sasakawa, Shirane (Niigata)
96kg – Masaaki Shikiya, Urazoe Kogyo (Okinawa)
120kg – Katsutoshi Maekawa, Kasumigaura (Ibaraki)


BANGKOK (July 30-August 1) – Yu Miyahara of the Japanese Olympic Committee's academy for elite athletes posted a pair of wins by fall and capped her title run at 46kg with a technical fall as five Japanese girls won titles at the Asian cadet wrestling championships.

Along with Miyahara, who attends Abe Gakuin high school in Tokyo, Nanami Irie (49kg, Fukuoka), Nachi Masuda (52kg, Osaka), Yui Sakano (56kg, Tokyo) and Rino Abe (70kg, Tokyo) claimed gold medals for Japan. Sakano and Abe are teammates with Miyahara at Abe Gakuin.

Each of Japan's eight entries in the girls' competition claimed at least a bronze medal, but Japan slipped behind Kazakhstan and India in the team rankings.

Meanwhile, in the boys' competition, Kenichi Fumita (46kg, Yamanashi) won Japan's first silver medal in greco-roman since 2005, while Hirotake Tsuda (100kg, Ehime) snared a bronze.

In freestyle, Shota Shirai, also from the JOC academy, edged his Mongolian opponent 2-1 in the final for third place to win Japan's lone medal in freestyle. Three other Japanese wrestlers fell in their third-place matches and had to settle for fifth place.


SINGAPORE (August 16-17) – Tokyo high school student Yu Miyahara won in girls' freestyle and Yuki Takahashi from Mie won in the boys' events as Japan's two entries in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games each came home with a gold medal.

Miyahara, a member of the Japanese Olympic Committee's elite sports academy, went through her pool competition without a problem and then pulled away from last year's European cadet champion at 40kg Iulia Leorda (MDA) for the title at 46kg.

Takahashi, meanwhile, notched three falls in four preliminary bouts at 54kg and then blanked Kanan Guliev (AZE) in the final to complete his run to the gold medal in boys' freestyle without giving up a point.

Results of individual bouts:

Girls freestyle
46kg – MIYAHARA, Yu (1st, 7 entries)
R1 – df. Petra Olli (FIN) by fall, 2P (1x-1, F5-0)
R2 – bye
R3 – df. Oriannys Segura (VEN), 2-0 (4-1, 2-0)
F1 – df. Iulia Leorda (MDA), 2-0 (4-2, 6-0)

Boys freestyle
54kg – TAKAHASHI, Yuki (1st, 9 entries)
R1 – df. Maher Ghanmi (TUN) by fall
R2 – df. Jeffrey Serrata (DOM) by fall
R3 – df. Prince Mbambi (CGO) by fall
R4 – bye
R5 – df. Mehmet Ali Daylak (TUR), 2-0
F1 – df. Kanan Guliev (AZE), 2-0


RACIBORZ, Poland (July 31-August 1) – Yasuyuki Tanioka and Tsubasa Ogata were the only Japanese wrestlers to break into the top 10 at the prestigious Pytlasinski international greco-roman tournament.

Tanioka posted a pair of wins to finish in seventh place at 60kg, while Ogata notched a win to take ninth at 55kg. Other Japanese entries, including All-Japan champion Norikatsu Saikawa (84kg), were unable to break into the win column.

Results of matches with Japanese entries:

55kg – OGATA, Tsubasa (9th, 17 entries)
R1 – bye
R2 – df. Anders Ronningen (NOR), 2-0 (1-0, 1-0)
R3 – lost to Krystian Fris (SRB), 0-2 (0-1, 0-2)

60kg – TANIOKA, Yasuyuki (7th, 19 entries)
R1 – df. Takumi Yokoyama (JPN), 2-0 (2-0, 5-0)
R2 – df. Vyacheslav Dzhaste (RUS), 2-1 (1-0, 0-1, 1-0)
R3 – lost to Tarik Balamandi (FRA), 0-2 (0-1, 0-4)

60kg – YOKOYAMA, Takumi (18th, 19 entries)
R1 – lost to Yasuyuki Tanioka, 0-2 (0-2, 0-5)

74kg – KANAKUBO, Takehiro (25th, 28 entries)
R1 – lost to Ruslan Belkhorev (RUS), 0-2 (0-1, 0-3)

84kg – SAIKAWA, Norikatsu (17th, 28 entries)
R1 – lost to Theodoros Tousnousidis (GRE), 1-2 (3-0, 2-3, 1-4)

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