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By William May
iJapan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
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October wrestling news


INATORI, Shizuoka (October 11) - Four-time world champ Seiko Yamamoto won in her Japanese return to the mats with a triumph at the Japan Womenfs Open, taking a big step toward reclaiming a spot on the Japanese national team. Yamamoto, who last won the world championship crown at 59kg in 2003, triumphed at 63kg to qualify for the All-Japan Wrestling Championships in December. It was the first time Yamamoto has stepped onto the mats for a competition in Japan in over three years.

Yamamoto, who has set her sights on a berth in the 2012 London Olympics, needed to win the Open title in order to secure a place in the All-Japan meet, which serves as the first qualifier for next yearfs world team.

In August, Yamamoto (as Seiko Nagashima) won handily in her return to competition at the Poland Open in Warsaw, but at her old weight of 59kg. But, in Shizuoka, Yamamoto indicated she was ready to challenge for a spot on the Japanese team at the Olympic weight of 63kg.

In the Open, Yamamoto dropped the first period in her opening match, fell behind early in the championship final and later admitted she didnft wrestle well. gI realize I have to practice more. My first match was the worst, but I had time to talk to some people and get my head together,h Yamamoto said. gThe wrestlers at 63kg are all so strong, Ifll have to power up myself.h

Other winners at Inatori high school gymnasium were:
Senior-junior division
48kg - Miki Akeo, International Pacific Rim University
51kg - Hiromi Sakurai, Yoyogi Club
55kg - Chiaki Arai, Waseda University
59kg - Eriko Nakata, Fontenu
63kg - Seiko Yamamoto, Crazy Bee
67kg - Shoko Hiramo, Tokai University
72kg - no entry

Cadet division
40kg - Minori Hasegawa, Bunkyo Daifu high school (Tokyo)
43kg - Asami Fujita, Yaezu Chuo high school (Shizuoka)
46kg - Sakura Ueno, Amino high school (Kyoto)
49kg - Yuki Irie, Okura Shogyo high school (Fukuoka)
52kg - Yawara Kaneko, Oizumi high school (Gunma)
56kg - Kanako Murata, Abe Gakuin high school (Tokyo)
60kg - Yuki Kato, Abe Gakuin
65kg - Sara Dosho, Isshi Juniors (Mie)
70kg - Chihiro Hashimoto, Abe Gakuin


TOKYO (OCTOBER 13-14) - Takushoku University crowned three champions and won its seventh collegiate greco-roman national championship team title. Takushoku raked in 56 points at Komazawa Gymnasium with five wrestlers in the finals for its first greco-roman team title since 2006.

Meanwhile, Boris Mujikov of Yamanashi Gakuin University won for a third year in a row at 120kg and has a chance in November to win for a second straight year all four individual collegiate titles in Japan.

Chuo University won a pair of titles for 31 points and second place, its best-ever finish in competition. YGU was third with 30 points while Kanagawa University posted its best-ever finish with 29 points and fourth place. Kanagawafs previous best was seventh place in 2007.

Takushokufs Ryo Sasaki was named the meetfs outstanding wrestler after winning the title at 66kg.

Nippon Sports Science University, a perennial power in collegiate greco-roman, did not enter the competition following the arrest of an NSSU team member for sexual assault.
Results of championship finals
55kg - Daisuke Mori (Nihon) df. Yasuhiro Otani (Senshu), 2-1 (0-1, 1-0, 1-0)
60kg - Ryo Sasaki (Taku) df. Hiroki Makise (Toyo), 2-1 (4-0, 1-1x, 1-0)
66kg - Yuji Okamoto (Taku) df. Tsuyoshi Shiozaki (Meiji), 2-0 (6-0, 7-2)
74kg - Shinichi Nakai (Chuo) df. Daigo Nakamura (Waseda), 2-0 (3-0, 1-0)
84kg - Masayuki Amano (Chuo) df. Taichi Oka (Taku), by fall, 2P=0:44
96kg - Kenji Fujimoto (Taku) df. Taichi Tatsuta (Kanagawa), 2-0 (6-0, 5-0)
120kg - Boris Mujikov (YGU) df. Shota Tanida (Taku), 2-0 (3-0, 1-0)


CALGARY, Canada (October 24) ? Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kaori Icho posted three one-sided wins to claim the 63kg title at the Dinos Invitational wrestling tournament in Calgary.

Meanwhile, Athens and Beijing Olympic silver medalist at 48kg Chiharu Icho posted a win at 51kg, but pulled out in the third round with a sore neck and back.

The sisters have been in Canada since April to study English and were wrestling in their first competition since the Beijing Olympics in August 2008.


TOKYO (October 15) - Officials of Nippon Sport Sciences University (NSSU) announced that the school had placed an indefinite ban on competition and other intercollegiate activities on the wrestling club following the arrest of a club member September 28 for an alleged sexual assault.

The head of the wrestling club Hideo Fujimoto and head coach Takumi Adachi were also relieved of their duties at the school.

The 18-year-old NSSU student involved in the August 12 assault has reportedly confessed to the crime and is currently in police custody. He has been expelled from the school.

Keio University professor and lawyer Setsu Kobayashi, who chairs a committee to fight against such incidents, stressed that the ban on club activities will not be lifted any time soon.

gBy eindefinitef, we really mean eindefinitef,h said Kobayashi. gWe want to make a decision in the spring after looking at conditions. However, this is not something that is going to melt away in March.h

And while Kobayashi said gI do not intend to end this in March,h he also added that it was not a call to disband the wrestling team.

Meanwhile, Beijing Olympian Shingo Matsumoto, who is a member of the NSSU faculty and serves in an unofficial position as a gcoachh for the club, has not been asked to resign, but has reportedly asked to be allowed to quit coaching the students.

A number of the NSSU wrestlers are traveling to other schools for practice, but will not be allowed to enter competitions as representatives of the university. Further, they are not allowed to enter as gunattachedh entries.

The ban on competition, however, will not apply to NSSU graduates, including those graduating next March after they are affiliated with other clubs or organizations.


SAKAI, Osaka (October 16-18) ? Individual champions from the West Japan Collegiate Wrestling Autumn Championships at Kanaoka Koen Gymnasium:

55kg ? Rei Kuwaki, Chukyo Gakuin
60kg ? Atsushi Irie, Doshisha
66kg ? Kazuki Masutani, Kansai
74kg ? Manabu Kamata, Chukyo Gakuin
84kg ? Kengo Kamei, Nihon Bunri
96kg ? Hiroya Sakai, Tokuyama
120kg ? Maki Chikada, Ritsumeikan
OW ? Atsushi Irie, Doshisha

55kg ? Takahiro Kato, Chukyo Gakuin
60kg ? Tsuyoshi Masuya, Kansai
66kg ? Kazufumi Ochi, Fukuoka
74kg ? Takahiro Umeno, Tokuyama
84kg ? Kosei Sato, Nihon Bunri
96kg ? Hiroya Sakai, Tokuyama
120kg ? Maki Chikada, Ritsumeikan
OW ? Takahiro Kato, Chukyo Gakuin


TOKYO (October 20) ? The Japan Wrestling Federation welcomed the Japan Kakuto Kyogi (mixed martial arts) Federation under the JWF umbrella in festivities to formally launch the fighting arts organization.

The new federation, the eighth under the JWF umbrella, was established to strengthen ties between the JWF and other mixed martial arts organizations in Japan, and to enhance cooperation with them in developing and improving the fighting arts.

JWF president Tomiaki Fukuda will serve as chairman of the new federation.