To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world

By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee


BISHKEK (May 12) - Japan had three chances for bronze medals on the opening day of greco-roman competition at the Asian wrestling championships, but had to settle for fifth place finishes in each of the bouts.

Mitsuhiro Ota posted Japan's only win of the day when he defeated Razal Idris of Qatar in a quarterfinal match at 84 kg. Ota then lost to world bronze medalist Hassan Saman Tahmasebi of Iran in the semifinals and again in the third-place final to Janarbek Kenjeev, a bronze medal winner for Kyrgyz at the Asian Games.

Results of individual bouts:

55 kg - MINEMURA, Ryo (5th, 8 entries)
R1 - lost to Su Cha-Kwan (PRK), 0-2 (0-5, 0-6=1:16)
Minemura drops the first period on a pair of front headlocks and turns. Then surrenders three more to the Asian Games bronze medalist in the second.

F3 - lost to Eldar Khafisov (UZB), 1-2 (0-3, 3-1, 0-3)
Minemura drops the first period on a front headlock and spin under, but grabs the second with a gut wrench. Minemura has a chance to win with the final point in par terre in the third period, but is turned in the final seconds by the 2006 Asia junior champion.

66 kg - SHIMIZU, Hiroyuki (5th, 12 entries)
R1 - bye
R2 - lost to Kanat Begaliev (KGZ), 0-2 (0-6=1:05, 0-6=1:03)
Shimizu gives up bodylock and gut wrench along with a low-arching lift in the first period, then a high-arching lift in the second against the world silver medalist.

F3 - lost to Ali Mohammadi (IRI), 0-2 (1-1x, 1-1x)
Neither wrestler can score on the feet or on the mat. World Cup champion Mohammadi wins by virtue of defending last in par terre in the first and second periods.

84 kg - OTA, Mitsuhiro (5th, 10 entries)
R1 - bye
R2 - df. Razal Idris (QAT), 2-0 (4-0, 3-0)
Ota wins in par terre with 3-point lift in the first period and a gut wrench in the second.

SF - lost to Saman Tahmasebi (IRI), 0-2 (0-3, 1-2)
Ota drops first period on gut wrench two seconds from time, then is driven out of bounds in the second period.

F3 - lost to Janarbek Kenjeev (KGZ), 0-2 (1-1x, 0-3)
Ota drops the first period on the last point as Kenjeev defends last, and then is penalized in the second for a false start on the bottom.

120 kg - SHINJO, Hirokazu (dnp, 8 entries)
R1 - lost to Murodjon Tuichiev (TJK), 0-2 (0-5, 0-6)
Shinjo loses the first period after giving up a big lift, then surrenders a pair of gut wrenches in the second.