To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world


By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee


   GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (September 3) - Yuhei Ishiyama turned in Japan’s best performance of the final day of the junior wrestling world championships, but had to settle for an eighth place at 55 kg.

Ishiyama of Nippon Sports Science University posted a pair of wins in the early rounds before stumbling 1-2 to Dabian Quintana Jaime of Cuba in the quarterfinals. Quintana lost to eventual champion Dyarmal Otarsultanov of Russia in the semifinals, denying Ishiyama a chance in the repechage rounds.

Takushoku University’s Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu recorded a win and a loss to finish 12th at 66 kg, while Naoki Monma (84 kg) and Nobuyoshi Arakida (120 kg) each lost in their respective opening matches.

A pair of bronze medals won by this year’s Japanese freestyle team did not match last year’s haul of one silver and two bronze as Japan slipped into seventh place with 21 points. Russia won the freestyle team title with six champions and 70 points, while Iran won the other two categories and compiled 60 points for second place.

Results of matches involving Japanese entries:

Men’s freestyle
55 kg - ISHIYAMA, Yuhei (8th, 17 entries)
1R - df. Lyubomyr Sumak (UKR), 2-1 (5-0, 2-4, 5-2)
2R - df. Mauricio Gonzalez (GUA), 2-0 (3-0, 5-3)
QF - lost to Dabian Quintana Jaime (CUB), 1-2 (0-3, 3x-3, 0-3)

66 kg - YONEMITSU, Tatsuhiro (12th, 26 entries)
1R - df. Suren Adyan (ARM), 2-0 (5-0, 3-0)
2R - lost to Saeid Tavakol (IRI), 1-2 (1-2, 2-0, 1-7)

84 kg - MONMA, Naoki (18th, 26 entries)
1R - lost to Nicolae Ceban (MDA), 0-2 (2-5, 1-4)

120 kg - ARAKIDA, Nobuyoshi (9th, 13 entries)
1R - lost to Eric Nye (USA), 1-2 (5-0, 2-5, 0-3)