To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world


By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee


   TOKYO (November 25) - Officials will call the greco-roman clinch more strictly in the future, beginning with the Asian Games, after a performance in the world championships that one senior FILA official termed a 田atastrophe・

   Mario Saletnig, head of FILA's officiating committee, took time during the women's coaches clinic in Tokyo to explain how the rules of the greco-roman clinch will be enforced more strictly. He explained that the attacking wrestler will not be allowed to touch the defensive wrestler with either of his legs or feet.

   This means that putting or kicking one foot beneath the ankle of the defensive wrestler, pushing with a knee into the side of the defensive
wrestler, or trying to slip one foot underneath the armpit of the defensive wrestler will not be allowed.

   Saletnig also showed a video from the world championships in which different wrestlers tried to feint like they were going to take a grip,
hoping to force the defensive wrestler into a false start and a penalty. Saletnig said this type of gamesmanship was a 田atastrophe・for greco-roman wrestling.

   He stressed when the offensive wrestler begins his move to clinch, he will not be allowed to halt his motion. Under these tighter guidelines, the first infraction will be met with a warning (・Attention・ and the second with one point for the defensive wrestler and a caution penalty against the offending wrestler. After a penalty call, wrestling will resume in the standing position for 30 seconds.