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By William May
iJapan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee


@@ @DOHA (December 10) - Masaki Imuro and defending champion Shingo Matsumoto bounced back from early losses to claim bronze medals on the final day of the greco-roman wrestling competition at the Asian Games.(right)

@@@The two bronze medals along with Makoto Sasamoto's gold medal the day before was an improvement over the gold (Matsumoto) and bronze (Sasamoto) medals won by the Japanese greco-roman team at the Busan Asian Games four
years ago. Matsumoto lost in a replay of the 2002 Asian Games final with Korea's Kim Jung-Sub at 84 kg, but earned the bronze medal with a hard-fought win over 74-kg Olympic champion Alexandr Dokturishvili of Uzbekistan.

@@@Imuro, meanwhile, won his first medal at a major international meet with a triumph over Asia junior No. 2 Aibek Yensekhanov of Kazakhstan in the bronze medal match.
(left) Imuro lost in the quarterfinals to Rawshan Ruzikulov of Uzbekistan, a bronze medalist at the Asian championships in April.

@@@Meanwhile, Masatoshi Toyota defeated world No. 3 Park Eun-Chol of Korea in the first round, but then fell to Asia championships winner Cha Kwang-Su of DPR Korea in the quarterfinals. Cha lost in the semifinals, eliminating Toyota from the medals chase at the Aspire sports complex west of the Qatari capitol.

@@@Japan did not have an entry at 120 kg.

Men's greco-roman

55 kg - TOYOTA, Masatoshi (13 entries)

R1 - df. Park Eun-Chol (KOR), 2-1 (0-4, 5-3, 1x-1)

@@@After dropping the first period to Park, Toyota took a 5-0 lead in the second period and held on to even the bout. At 0-0 in the third period, Toyota failed to score in par terre, but defended against the world bronze medalist for the win.

R2 - lost to Cha Kwang-Su (PRK), 0-2 (1-2, 0-5)

@@@Both periods inconclusive on the feet. Toyota was penalized for a quick start in par terre and was forced out of bounds in the first period. In the second period, Cha scored quickly with gut wrenches and Toyota did not recover.

Medal matches at 55 kg
F1 - Jiao Huafeng (CHN) df. Jasem Amiri (IRI), 2-1 (2-3, 1x-1, 5-4)
F3 - Vinayak Dalvi(IND) df. Rinat Usupjanov (KGZ), 2-1 (5-4, 2-3, 4-1)
F3 - Cha Kwang-Su (PRK) df. Amjad Jassim (IRQ), 2-0 (1x-1, 4-1)


66 kg - IMURO, Masaki (3rd, 16 entries)

R1 - df. Abrahim Jassim (IRQ) by fall, 1P=0:44 (3-0)

@@@Imuro moves from a takedown directly to the fall.

R2 - lost to Rawshan Ruzikulov (UZB), 0-2 (0-6=1:23, 1-1x)

@@@Both periods inconclusive on the feet. Ruzikulov scores with two low lifts for the first period. Imuro holds Ruzikulov scoreless in the second period, but cannot score on top.

r1 - df. Jafar Khan (QAT) by fall, 1P=1:17 (5-0)

@@@Imuro scores with a reverse waistlock, lift and throw, then presses for the fall.

F3 - df. Aibek Yensekhanov (KAZ), 2-1 (0-3, 2-1, 3-0)

@@@Imuro hit with a leg penalty in the first period, but rebounds with a pair of bodylock takedowns to win the second. In the third period, Imuro receives a point when Yensekhanov butts heads, then seals the win with a gut wrench.

Also at 66 kg
F1 - Kim Min-Chul (KOR) df. Rawshan Ruzikulov (UZB), 2-1 (2-0, 0-3, 1x-1)
F3 - Hamid Reihani (IRI) df. Qiao Huameng (CHN), 2-0 (5-0, 3-0)


84 kg - MATSUMOTO, Shingo (xx, 13 entries)

R1 - lost to Kim Jung-Sub (KOR), 1-2 (0-3, 1x-1, 0-3)

@@@Kim takes the first period with a gut wrench; Matsumoto wins the second period when neither wrestler can score in par terre. In the third period, Matsumoto secures double underhook on the feet, but falters in completing the move as Kim takes control for the win.

r1 - df. Salah Ghaliah (SYR) by fall, 2P=0:29 (1-1x, 3-0)

@@@Matsumoto gives up the first period as neither wrestler can score an offensive point. In the second period, Matsumoto attacks quickly for the takedown and presses for the fall.

F3 - df. Alexandr Dokturishvili (UZB), 2-0 (1x-1, 1x-1)

@@@Both periods inconclusive on the feet. Matsumoto wins the toss for both periods. He fails to score in par terre, but also prevents Dokturishvili from scoring.

Other medal matches at 84 kg
F1 - Kim Jung-Sub (KOR) df. Yahia Abutabeek (JOR), 2-0 (1x-1, 2-1)
F3 - Janarbek Kenjeev (KGZ) df. Idrees Rahman (QAT), 2-1 (0-6, 7-0, 7-0)


120 kg - No Japanese entry (11 entries)

Medal matches
F1 - Kim Gwang-Seok (KOR) df. Mehdi Ghesmatiazar Sharbaiani (IRI), 2-0 (1x-1, 1x-1)
F3 - Liu Deli (CHN) df. Murodjon Tuychiev (TJK) by default, 0:00
F3 - Nurbek Ibragimov (KGZ) df. Sami al-Batneeji (PLE) by fall, 1P=1:28 (4-0)