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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


  BRATISLAVA (January 31) - Results of Japanese wrestlers at the 1st Olympic qualification tournament for freestyle wrestling at Sport Hall Mladost in Bratislava:

66 kg - YAMAMOTO, Hidenori (Japan Self-Defense Forces)

Pool I (29 entries)

1R - lost to Mostafa Gokar Masoud (IRI) 4-1

  Yamamoto could not get his offense going and had difficulty getting in on his high-crotch takedown as Mostafa took a 2-0 lead with a single-leg and duck-under in the first period. Yamamoto tried to battle back in the second period with a low single, but could not convert on his par terre chances.

2R - v Dorgut Jebe ((NGR)

3R - bye

84 kg - YOKOYAMA, Hidekazu (Akita Shogyo high school, teacher)

Pool I (28 entries)

1R - df. Man Dula (CHN) 5-3

  Yokoyama showed the experience of an Olympic veteran. The Akita high school teacher grabbed a 3-0 lead on a little trip and ankle-lace in the first 30 seconds and then went on the defensive with his frustratingly effective counter style of wrestling. He surrendered three points in the second period, but was in no danger of being overtaken.

2R - Leonardo Gonzalez (PAN)

3R - Naqi Shah Jalali (AFG)

96 kg - KODAIRA, Kiyotaka (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Pool H (30 entries)

R1 - df. Hong Seong-Ju (KOR) by TF, 14-4, 5:16

  Japan's lead-off batter for the competition rolled to a win by technical superiority, scoring against the young Korean with knee picks and then picking up more points on the mat with a tough grapevine leg ride.

R2 - bye

R3 - Boltic Sinive ((NGR)

120 kg - TANAKA, Akihito (Senshu University)

Pool I (22 entries)

R1 - bye

R2 - lost to Kuramagomed Kuramagomedov (RUS) by TF, 10-0, 4:43

  Tanaka put up the good fight, but was no match for Kuramagomedov, who has European titles in 1999 and 2002 to his name. The stocky Russian took advantage of a passivity call in the first period for a gut wrench, ankle-lace and a 3-0 lead. Entering the second period down 6-0, Tanaka took some ill-advised attempts at takedowns and gave Kuramagomedov the chance for some easy tilts and the win by technical superiority.

R3 - v Wayne Weathers (CAN)