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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


   NOVI SAD, Serbia and Montenegro (February 28) - Results of preliminary pool bouts involving Japanese wrestlers on Saturday at the 1st greco-roman wrestling Olympic qualifying tournament at Vojvodina Sports Center:

55 kg (29 entries, 9 pools)

TOYOTA, Masatoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Pool A

R1 - df. Elgin Elwais (PAL) by TF, 10-0, 0:58
  Elwais came out in a fiesty mood, but Toyota scored with a waist tackle at 35 seconds. A high, back-arching reverse bodylock and throw gave Toyota an eight-point lead. A quick gut wrench ended the match.

R2 - df. Jansel Ramirez (DOM) by TF, 10-0, 1:47
  Toyota broke the ice with an arm drag to go-behind for one point, then followed with a quick gut wrench, then lift and throw for a 7-0 lead. He drove Ramirez to his back for the technical fall off a feint to a reverse bodylock.

R3 - bye

Q1 - To be determined
60 kg (30 entries, 10 pools)

SASAMOTO, Makoto (Sogo Seibi security employee)

Pool J

R1 - bye

R2 - v Aliaksandr Slivinski (BLR)

R3 - v Ali Ashkani Agboloag (IRI)
66 kg (36 entries, 12 pools)

IMURO, Masaki (Japan Self Defense Forces)

Pool A

R1 - df. Peter-Georg Philippitsch (AUT), 3-0, 6:26
  Imuro converted on a passivity call with a low reverse waistlock for two points in the first period. He missed with the same move in the second period, but landed on top of failed throw by the Austrian for the decisive third point.

R2 - df. Vladimir Tatarski (SCG), 3-0, 6:12
  In a repeat performance of his earlier, Imuro took advantage of a par terre chance in the third minute with a chest-high gut wrench to take a 2-0. Tatarski held Imuro scoreless through the second period, but missed with a throw out of the clinch to start overtime, giving Imuro the win. Imuro advances to the knock-out tourney, but his first-round opponent will be determined in the evening session.

R3 - bye

Q1 - To be determined
74 kg

Japan has already qualified.
84 kg (28 entries, 9 pools)

MATSUMOTO, Shingo (Ichimiya Transport, employee)

Pool I

R1 - lost to Alexej Michin (RUS), 6-0
  Matsumoto took the fight to the European champion in the first period, but could not convert on his par terre chance. Instead, Michin got his chance at the end of the first period, receiving a penalty point for a false start and then flipping Matsumoto over with a reverse bodylock for a 5-0 lead. Matsumoto got another chance in par terre in the second period, but could not convert again.

R2 - v Luiz Mendez (CUB)

R3 - v Filip Soukup (CZE)
96 kg (33 entries, 11 pools)

KATO, Kenzo (Japan Self Defense Forces)

Pool F

R1 - bye

R2 - v Vinko Kadecka (CRO)

R3 - v Masoud Hashemzadeh (IRI)
120 kg (26 entries, 8 pools)

SUZUKI, Katsuaki (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Pool A

R1 - bye

R2 - v Barzi Sajad (IRI)

R3 - v Miriani Giorgadze (GEO)