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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


   NOVI SAD, Serbia and Montenegro (February 28) - Results of preliminary pool bouts involving Japanese wrestlers on Saturday at the 1st greco-roman wrestling Olympic qualifying tournament at Vojvodina Sports Center:

55 kg (29 entries, 9 pools)

TOYOTA, Masatoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Pool A

R1 - df. Elgin Elwais (PAL) by TF, 10-0, 0:58
R2 - df. Jansel Ramirez (DOM) by TF, 10-0, 1:47
R3 - bye

Q1 - v. Asset Imanbayev (KAZ)
60 kg (30 entries, 10 pools)

SASAMOTO, Makoto (Sogo Seibi security employee)

Pool J

R1 - bye

R2 - df. Aliaksandr Slivinski (BLR), 5-0
  After a scoreless first period, Sasamoto executed an single-arm throw for three points out of the second-period clinch and followed with a trap-arm gut wrench for the margin of victory.

R3 - df. Ali Ashkani Agboloag (IRI), 4-0
  Sasamoto took advantage of a slipped throw by Agboloag in the second period for a gut wrench and near fall bonus point. He held off the two-time Asia champion's attack in par terre over the last 35 seconds for the win.

Q1 - v Alexei Shevtsov (RUS)
66 kg (36 entries, 12 pools)

IMURO, Masaki (Japan Self Defense Forces)

Pool A

R1 - df. Peter-Georg Philippitsch (AUT), 3-0, 6:26
R2 - df. Vladimir Tatarski (SCG), 3-0, 6:12

R3 - bye
Q1 - v Kanatbek Begaliev (KGZ)
74 kg

Japan has already qualified.
84 kg (28 entries, 9 pools)

MATSUMOTO, Shingo (Ichimiya Transport, employee)

Pool I

R1 - lost to Alexej Michin (RUS), 6-0

R2 - lost to Luiz Mendez (CUB), 5-0
  The 1999 world champion threw Matsumoto to his back out of the second period clinch and then followed with a gut wrench for a 5-0 win.

R3 - df. Filip Soukup (CZE) by default
96 kg (33 entries, 11 pools)

KATO, Kenzo (Japan Self Defense Forces)

Pool F

R1 - bye

R2 - lost to Vinko Kadecka (CRO), 7-4
  Kato gave up a pair of gut wrenches in the first period, but opened the second period with a headlock to tie the score 4-4. Kato, however, could not flatten the shoulders for the fall and was rolled through as Kadecka regained the lead 6-4. A false start penalty against Kato closed out the scoring.

R3 - lost to Masoud Hashemzadeh (IRI) by TF, 11-0, 2:21
  Kato could not stop the young Iranian's gut wrench and lost by technical fall.
120 kg (26 entries, 8 pools)

SUZUKI, Katsuaki (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Pool A

R1 - bye

R2 - lost to Barzi Sajad (IRI) by TF, 11-1, 5:45
R3 - lost to Miriani Giorgadze (GEO) by TF 10-0, 3:34
  Giorgadze scored at will, capping his win with a front headlock and turn.