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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


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  LODZ, Poland (June 4) - Results of bouts in women's wrestling after the fourth session at the university wrestling world championships at Sports Hall Parkowa in Lodz:
(Note: Quality of victories as well as times of falls and technical falls were not recorded on the results distributed to the press. Falls, TF and time are from the reporter's own notes.)


48 kg (8 entries)

Pool A
Fani Psatha (GRE) df. Yaroslava Pstukhova (UKR), 6-1
Momoko Sera (JPN) df. Sigrun Dobner (GER) by fall, 1:54 (5-0)
Momoko Sera (JPN) df. Fani Psatha (GRE), 5-0
Sigrun Dobner (GER) df. Yaroslava Pstukhova (UKR) by fall, 4:20 (9-0)
Fani Psatha (GRE) df. Sigrun Dobner (GER), 4-3
Momoko Sera (JPN) df. Yaroslava Pstukhova (UKR) by fall, 0:55 (4-0)

Pool B
Hajar Ashtiani (FIN) df. Kao Wei-chien (TPE) by fall, 5:39 (7-6)
Iwona Sadowska (POL) df. Clarissa Chun (USA), 5-4
Clarissa Chun (USA) df. Hajar Ashtiani (FIN) by fall, 2:41 (9-0)
Iwona Sadowska (POL) df. Kao Wei-chien (TPE) by fall, 1:36 (4-0)
Iwona Sadowska (POL) df. Hajar Ashtiani (FIN), 6-0
Clarissa Chun (USA) df. Kao Wei-chien (TPE) by fall, 0:09 (4-0)
51 kg (8 entries)

Pool A
Sylwia Bilenska (POL) df. Tabitha Ramsey (USA) by fall, 1:37 (4-0)
Claire Prieto (FRA) df. Wang Ying-chi (TPE), 5-2
Sylwia Bilenska (POL) df. Claire Prieto (FRA) by TF, 11-0, 2:31
Tabitha Ramsey (USA) df. Wang Ying-chi (TPE) by fall, 4:42 (10-1)
Sylwia Bilenska (POL) df. Wang Ying-chi (TPE) by fall, 5:17 (8-1)
Claire Prieto (FRA) df. Tabitha Ramsey (USA) by fall, 4:59 (10-2)

Pool B
Hiromi Morishita (JPN) df. Ramona Scherer (GER) by fall, 4:54 (5-3)
Victorya Brandush (UKR) df. Palina Kascheyeva (BLR) by fall, 5:40 (5-1)
Victorya Brandush (UKR) df. Hiromi Morishita (JPN), 5-3
Palina Kascheyeva (BLR) df. Ramona Scherer (GER) by fall, 0:49 (3-0)
Palina Kascheyeva (BLR) df. Hiromi Morishita (JPN) by fall, 1:07 (3-0)
Victorya Brandush (UKR) df. Ramona Scherer (GER) by fall, 1:50 (3-0)
55 kg (5 entries)

Round Robin
Malgorzata Kruza (POL) df. Filomena Curatella (ITA) by TF, 10-0, 5:01
Jessica Petersen (CAN) df. Yu Sekine (JPN), 5-4

Tetyana Lazareva (UKR) df. Malgorzata Kruza (POL) by TF, 10-0, 2:27
Jessica Petersen (CAN) df. Filomena Curatella (ITA) by fall, 1:59 (4-0)

Yu Sekine (JPN) df. Malgorzata Kruza (POL), 7-1
Tetyana Lazareva (UKR) df. Filomena Curatella (ITA) by fall, 0:33 (5-0)

Jessica Petersen (CAN) df. Malgorzata Kruza (POL) 7-3
Tetyana Lazareva (UKR) df. Yu Sekine (JPN) by fall, 1:22 (9-0)

Filomena Curatella (ITA) v Yu Sekine (JPN) -- (5th session)
Jessica Petersen (CAN) v Tetyana Lazareva (UKR) -- (5th session)
59 kg (7 entries)

Pool A
Volha Serbina (BLR) df. Kristel van Ekelenburg (NED) by fall, 2:02 (4-0)
Volha Serbina (BLR) df. Chuang Shu-fang (TPE), 8-6
Chuang Shu-fang (TPE) df. Kristel van Ekelenburg (NED) by fall, 2:15 (9-3)

Pool B
Marcie van Dusen (USA) df. Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN), 3-1
Breanne Graham (CAN) df. Arleta Walkuska (POL), 5-1
Marcie van Dusen (USA) df. Breanne Graham (CAN), 5-1
Arleta Walkuska (POL) df. Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN), 5-0
Marcie van Dusen (USA) df. Arleta Walkuska (POL), 5-2
Breanne Graham (CAN) df. Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN), 6-2
63 kg (9 entries)

Pool A
Ayako Shoda (JPN) df. Christi Evagelia (GRE) by fall, 0:23 (4-0)
Christi Evagelia (GRE) df. Huang Yu-ning (TPE), 8-7
Ayako Shoda (JPN) df. Huang Yu-ning (TPE) by fall, 0:50 (6-0)

Pool B
Katarzyna Jaworska (POL) df. Olga Basulina (UKR) by fall, 0:22 (4-0)
Katarzyna Jaworska (POL) df. Lusine Arystamyan (RUS), 3-2
Lusine Arystamyan (RUS) df. Olga Basulina (UKR) by default, 0:00

Pool C
Volha Khilko (BLR) df. Gereltsetseg Enkhee (MGL) by fall, 0:57 (3-0)
Helen Hennick (CAN) df. Gereltsetseg Enkhee (MGL) by TF, 12-1, 4:54
Volha Khilko (BLR) df. Helen Hennick (CAN) by fall, 2:13 (4-0)

Lusine Arystamyan (RUS) df. Christi Evagelia (GRE) by fall, 0:50 (7-0)
Helen Hennick (CAN) v Christi Evagelia (GRE) -- (5th session)
Lusine Arystamyan (RUS) v Helen Hennick (CAN) -- (5th session)
67 kg (7 entries)

Pool A
Monika Maj (POL) df. Waleria Zlatowa (UKR), 5-1
Monika Maj (POL) df. Lin Yan-ting (TPE) by fall, 2:31 (3-0)
Waleria Zlatowa (UKR) v Lin Yan-ting (TPE) -- (5th session)

Pool B
Martine Dugrenier (CAN) df. Maki Tsukamoto (JPN) by TF, 11-0, 2:36
Susan Koller (GER) df. Nadia Moussaoui (FRA) by fall, 3:32 (5-4)
Martine Dugrenier (CAN) df. Susan Koller (GER) by TF, 10-0, 3:21
Nadia Moussaoui (FRA) df. Maki Tsukamoto (JPN), 3-0
Martine Dugrenier (CAN) v Nadia Moussaoui (FRA) -- (5th session)
Maki Tsukamoto (JPN) v Susan Koller (GER) -- (5th session)
72 kg (6 entries)

Pool A
Agnieszka Wieszczek (POL) df. Maria-Luiza Vivioni (GRE), 3-2
Agnieszka Wieszczek (POL) df. Daria Ibragimova (UKR) by fall, 3:38 (7-0)
Maria-Luiza Vivioni (GRE) v Daria Ibragimova (UKR) -- (5th session)

Pool B
Ayako Murashima (JPN) df. Chuang Chiu-hsiang (TPE), 6-0
Stephanie Lee (USA) df. Chuang Chiu-hsiang (TPE) by TF, 12-0, 2:00
Ayako Murashima (JPN) v Stephanie Lee (USA) -- (5th session)