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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports

(Note: We apologize for the incompleteness of the results, but as of June 23, the JWF has not yet received the official results from the Wrestling Federation of India.)

  NEW DELHI (June 8) - Unofficial results of the women's competition after the final day of the 16th Asian Senior Wrestling Championships at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium:


48 kg (6 entries)

Championship final
Mika Noguchi (JPN) df. Kao Wei-chien (TPE) by fall, 1:19 (8-0)

Third-place final
Kamini Yadav (IND) df. Phyam T. Phuong (VIE) by fall, 1:39 (10-0)

Pool A
Phyam T. Phuong (VIE) df. Park Ji-Young (KOR) by TF 11-0, 3:00
Kao Wei-chien (TPE) df. Phyam T. Phuong (VIE) 10-9
Park Ji-Young (KOR) v. Kao Wei-chien (TPE)

Pool B
Mika Noguchi (JPN) df. Saniya Rakhimova (KAZ) by TF 11-1, 1:57
Kamini Yadav (IND) df. Saniya Rakhimova (KAZ) by fall
Mika Noguchi (JPN) df. Kamini Yadav (IND) 3-1

Final rankings
1. Mika Noguchi (JPN); 2. Kao Wei-chien (TPE); 3. Kamini Yadav (IND); 4. Phyam T. Phuong (VIE); 5. Park Ji-Young (KOR); 6. Saniya Rakhimova (KAZ)

51 kg (4 entries, round-robin)

Ninako Hattori (JPN) df. Renu Bala (IND) by fall, 1:44
Wang Xingh (TPE) v. Enkhjargal Tsogtbazar (MGL)

Ninako Hattori (JPN) df. Wang Xingh (TPE) by fall, 1:39 (5-0)
Renu Bala (IND) v. Enkhjargal Tsogtbazar (MGL)

Ninako Hattori (JPN) df. Enkhjargal Tsogtbazar (MGL) by fall, 1:56 (4-0)
Renu Bala (IND) v. Wang Xingh (TPE)

Final rankings
1. Ninako Hattori (JPN); 2. Enkhjargal Tsogtbazar (MGL); 3. Renu Bala (IND); 4. Wang Xingh (TPE)

55 kg (6 entries)

Championship final
Otgonjarjal Naidan (MGL) df. Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN) 9-0

Third-place final
Lee Na-Lae (KOR) df. Madina Kuzmangalyeva (KAZ) 7-0

Pool A
Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN) df. Lee Na-Lae (KOR) 4-0
Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN) df. Manju Shekhavat (IND) 5-0
Lee Na-Lae (KOR) v. def. Manju Shekhavat (IND)

Pool B
Otgonjarjal Naidan (MGL) df. Wu Li-chuan (TPE) by TF 11-1, 4:05
Otgonjarjal Naidan (MGL) df. Madina Kuzmangalyeva (KAZ) 3-1
Wu Li-chuan (TPE) v. Madina Kuzmangalyeva (KAZ)

Final rankings
1. Otgonjarjal Naidan (MGL); 2. Sayuri Tatemoto (JPN); 3. Lee Na-Lae (KOR); 4. Madina Kuzmangalyeva (KAZ); 5. Wu Li-chuan (TPE); 6. Manju Shekhavat (IND)

59 kg (5 entries, round-robin)

Rena Iwama (JPN) df. Alka Tomar (IND) by TF 11-0, 5:26
Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL) v. Huang Yu-ning (TPE)

Rena Iwama (JPN) df. Roza (KAZ) by fall, 0:26
Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL) v. Alka Tomar (IND)

Rena Iwama (JPN) df. Huang Yu-ning (TPE) by fall, 0:27 (4-0)
Roza (KAZ) v. Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL)

Rena Iwama (JPN) df. Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL) by fall, 1:24 (3-4)
Huang Yu-ning (TPE) df. 5. Roza (KAZ) 9-5

Alka Tomar (IND) df. 4. Huang Yu-ning (TPE) 12-3
Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL) df. Roza (KAZ) by fall, 1:23

Final rankings
1. Rena Iwama (JPN); 2. Myagmarsuren Tumen (MGL); 3. Alka Tomar (IND); 4. Huang Yu-ning (TPE); 5. Roza (KAZ)

63 kg (7 entries)

Championship final
Ayako Shoda (JPN) df. Geetika Jakhar (IND) by TF 10-0, 4:11

Third-place final
Hang Jin-Young (KOR) df. Mursawva Rasulova (KGZ) 4-2, 6:02

Pool A
Hang Jin-Young (KOR) df. Chuang Shu-fang (TPE) 4-0
Ayako Shoda (JPN) df. Chuang Shu-fang (TPE) by fall, 2:55 (10-0)
Ayako Shoda (JPN) df. Hang Jin-Young (KOR) 7-2

Pool B
Geetika Jakhar (IND) df. Nguyen Thilan Anh (VIE) by fall
Mursawva Rasulova (KGZ) df. Alexandra Boginskaya (KAZ) by TF
Geetika Jakhar (IND) df. Alexandra Boginskaya (KAZ) by fall
Nguyen Thilan Anh (VIE) df. Mursawva Rasulova (KGZ) by fall
Geetika Jakhar (IND) v. Mursawva Rasulova (KGZ)
Nguyen Thilan Anh (VIE) v. Alexandra Boginskaya (KAZ)

Final rankings
1. Ayako Shoda (JPN); 2. Geetika Jakhar (IND); 3. Hang Jin-Young (KOR); 4. Mursawva Rasulova (KGZ); 5. Nguyen Thilan Anh (VIE); 6. Alexandra Boginskaya (KAZ); 7. Chuang Shu-fang (TPE)

67 kg (2 entries)

Championship final
Norie Saito (JPN) def. Sihag Kiran (IND) by TF, 11-0, 2:49

Final rankings
1. Norie Saito (JPN); w. Sihag Kiran (IND)

72 kg (5 entries, round robin)

Kang Min-Jeong (KOR) df. Gursharan Preet (IND) by fall, 0:28 (3-2)
Burmaa Ochirbat (MGL) df. Ayako Murashima (JPN) by fall, 0:45

Svetlana Shevichnazo (KAZ) df. Gursharan Preet (IND) by fall, 0:38
Kang Min-Jeong (KOR) df. Ayako Murashima (JPN) by default

Burmaa Ochirbat (MGL) v. Gursharan Preet (IND)
Svetlana Shevichnazo (KAZ) v. Kang Min-Jeong (KOR)

Gursharan Preet (IND) df. Ayako Murashima (JPN) by default
Burmaa Ochirbat (MGL) v. Svetlana Shevichnazo (KAZ)

Svetlana Shevichnazo (KAZ) df. Ayako Murashima (JPN) by default
Kang Min-Jeong (KOR) df. Burmaa Ochirbat (MGL) by fall, 2:45 (7-0)

Final rankings
1. Svetlana Shevichnazo (KAZ); 2. Kang Min-Jeong (KOR); 3. Burmaa Ochirbat
(MGL); 4. Gursharan Preet (IND); 5. Ayako Murashima (JPN)