To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world


By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


   NEW YORK (September 12) - Results of matches involving the Japanese men after the second session at the freestyle wrestling world championships at
Madison Square Garden:

55 kg - TANABE, Chikara (31 entries, Pool 8)
1R - df. German Kontoev, Belarus 11-10
2R - bye
60 kg - OTA, Ryosuke (36 entries, Pool 9)
1R - bye
2R - df. Lin Chien-liang, Chinese Taipei by TF 21-0, 1:51
(Note: Ota scored the opening takedown and then kept turning Lin with a variety of mat techniques for the win by technical superiority.)
66 kg - IKEMATSU, Kazuhiko (40 entries, Pool 12)
1R - bye
2R - df. Cory O’Brien, Australia by fall, 1:47 (8-0)
(Note: Ikematsu racked up a fistful of points quickly before applying the fall with a leg grapevine.)
74 kg - OBATA, Kunihiko (34 entries, Pool 6)
1R - df. Hakki Ceylan, Turkey by TF 14-3, 5:09
2R - bye
84 kg - YOKOYAMA, Hidekazu (36 entries, Pool 1)
1R - df. Sergey Kolesnikov, Israel 4-0
2R - lost to Magomed Kurugliyev, Kazakhstan 1-3, 6:21
(Note: Yokoyama held the 2002 Asian Games silver medalist to a 1-2 margin over regulation, but then lost his grip in the overtime clinch for the decisive third point.)
96 kg - NAKAO, Yoshihiro (36 entries, Pool 11)
1R - bye
2R - df. Yan Virin, Israel 4-0
(Note: Nakao took a three-point lead in the first period with a takedown and gut wrench, and eased to his first win of the tourney.)
120 kg - SUWAMA, Kohei (29 entries, Pool 2)
1R - lost to Otto Aubeli, Hungary 1-3
2R - df. Adrian Gilmore, Ireland 8-0
(Note: Suwama broke on top with a three -point throw and then followed with four more points on the mat in the first period. He scored a final point just before the whistle.)


  NEW YORK (September 12) - Results of matches involving the Japanese women at the freestyle wrestling world championships at Madison Square Garden:

48 kg - SAKAMOTO, Makiko (29 entries, Pool 8)
1R - df. Mayeril Karipa, Venezuela 3-0, 6:03
2R - df. Nicoleta Badea, Romania 5-0
(Note: Sakamoto opened up with her non-stop wrestling to defeat Badea, who finished fourth in last year’s world championships.)
51 kg - ICHO, Chiharu (18 entries, Pool 5)
1R - bye
2R - df. Emese Szabo, Hungary by fall, 1:55 (4-0)
(Note: Icho forced a passivity call on Szabo and converted with a leg grapevine for the fall.)
55 kg - YOSHIDA, Saori (29 entries, Pool 2)
1R - bye
2R - df. Olga Serbina, Belarus by TF 10-0, 4:16
(Note: Yoshida opened defense of her world title with a double-leg takedown and gut wrench and picked away at Serbina for a technical fall.)
59 kg - YAMAMOTO, Seiko (14 entries, Pool 2)
1R - df. Huang Yu-ning, Chinese Taipei by fall, 1:09 (9-0)
2R - bye
63 kg - ICHO, Kaori (27 entries, Pool 4)
1R - bye
2R - df. Agoro Papavasileiou, Greece by fall, 1:45 (10-0)
(Note: Icho, seeking to repeat as world champion, came out with all guns firing and rolled up 10 points before applying the pin.)
67 kg - SAITO, Norie (13 entries, Pool 4)
1R - df. Martina Zyklova, Czech Republic by TF 11-0, 2:03
2R - df. Jodeen Marie MacGregor, New Zealand by fall, 1:09 (6-0)
(Note: Saito went from takedown to gut wrench and applied the pin for her second win.)
72 kg - HAMAGUCHI, Kyoko (23 entries, Pool 5)
1R - df. Svetlana Sayenko, Ukraine 3-0
2R - df. Sonika Kalirman, India by fall, 1:43 (9-1)
(Note: Hamaguchi gave up a surprise point, but quickly came back for a takedown and secured the fall with wrist control and half-nelson. The two wins, coupled with a bye in the third round, puts Hamaguchi into the quarterfinals.)