To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world


By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


   CRETEIL, France (October 3) - Results of bouts involving Japan's entries after the fourth session of the greco-roman wrestling world championships at Robert Oubron Sports Hall:

60 kg - SASAMOTO, Makoto (Pool 5, 42 entries)
1R - bye
2R - df. Alois Fassler (SUI) by TF, 10-0, 5:08
(Sasamoto wrestled conservatively in the first period, taking a 4-0 lead two gut wrenches. He opened up in the second period as he went for the reverse waistlock. He picked up two points on a leg penalty and then executed a high-arching throw for the clincher.)
3R - Nurlan Koizhaiganov, Kazakhstan
74 kg - NAGATA, Katsuhiko (Pool 9, 40 entries)
1R - bye
2R - df. Michal Jaworski (POL) 3-1
(Nagata scored with a snap down and go behind at 2:35 for a 1-0 lead at the intermission. He picked up the pace in the second period, but was hit with a passivity call in the second minute. Jaworski drew even at 1-1 with a lift. Nagata, however, stepped over another lift attempt and put Jaworski on his back for two points and the winning margin.)
3R - Artur Stankevic, Lithuania
96 kg - KATO, Kenzo (Pool 1, 43 entries)
1R - lost to Ali Mollov (BUL) 0-3
(Kato could not get anything going against last year's world bronze medalist. Kato gave up three points on gut wrenches in the first period and could not even earn a passivity call against Mollov in the second period.)
2R - bye
3R - Karam Gaber, Egypt (World No. 2)