To Our Friends in Wrestling Around the world

By Ikuo Higuchi

(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee

Seiko Yamamoto, a current world champion, was beaten by Saori Yoshida at Japan Queen's Cup 2002
 Japan Queen's Cup 2002 was held in Tokyo on 7 April. Seiko Yamamoto, Nihon Univ., who is a 56kg current world champion, was beaten by Saori Yoshida, Chukyo Women's Univ., 4-1(6:00) at the 55kg final. Saori Yoshida was a cadet and junior world champion and beat Yamamoto last October (The national sports festival). This is her second victory to Yamamoto.

 Chukyo Women's University including OG and a high school student got five gold medals. 46kg is Mika Noguch, 51kg is Chiharu Icho, 59kg is Rena Iwama who graduated from the University this March and 63kg is Kaori Icho who is a Chukyo Women's University's high school student and younger sister of Chiharu Icho.

 Hitomi Sakamoto, a 51kg current world champion, was absent because of taking oppreration of her right knee. She said she will be able to train from July or August.

 Kyoko Hamaguchi, a three time world champion, won two matches easily at 72kg and got five times victory of this championships. And 67kg champion is Norie Saito.

 Akiko Narikuni (Iijima) , who is a two time world champion and has two babies now, 34, came back to the mat at 63kg and finished third. She said she would attend some national camps and aims to the representative of the world championships and the Olympics.

46kg final:

Mika Noguchi beat Shoko Yoshimura, 3-1(6:47)

51kg final:
Chiharu Icho beat Ninako hattori,

55kg final:
Saori Yoshida beat Seiko Yamamoto, 4-1

59kg final:
Rena Iwama beat Mariko Shimizu, 6-0

63kg(Round Robin)
1, Kaori Icho 2, Ari Suzuki 3, Akiko Narikuni(Iijima)

67kg(Round Robin)
1, Norie Saito 2, Eri Sakamoto 3, Chiaki Kubo

72kg(Round Robin)
 1, Kyoko Hamaguchi 2, Fumiko Murashima 3, Junko Yagi