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 By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


MOSCOW (September 20) - Results at 55 kg after the first day of the 2002 greco-roman wrestling world championships Universal Sport Hall CSKA in Moscow after weigh-ins on September 20:

55 KG

Pool A
Barys Radkevich (BLR) def. Tibor Olah (HUN) 6-3
Hassan Rangraz (IRI) def. Barys Radkevich (BLR) by tech. sup. 12-1, 4:49
Hassan Rangraz (IRI) def. Tibor Olah (HUN) 10-9

Pool B
Kamol Kholmatov (UZB) def. Anders Nyblom (DEN) 3-0
Irakli Tchotchua (GEO) def. Anders Nyblom (DEN) 6-2
Irakli Tchotchua (GEO) def. Kamol Kholmatov (UZB) 8-5

Pool C
Ercan Yildiz (TUR) def. Rakymzhan Assembekov (KAZ) on criteria 1-1, 9:00
Rakymzhan Assembekov (KAZ) def. Kim Holk (SWE) 5-0
Ercan Yildiz (TUR) def. Kim Holk (SWE) 4-0

Pool D
Marian Sandu (ROM) def. Tenyo Tenev (BUL) 5-3
Jorge Cardozo (VEN) def. Tenyo Tenev (BUL) 9-4
Marian Sandu (ROM) def. Jorge Cardozo (VEN) by tech. sup. 11-0, 4:38

Pool E
Nepes Gukulov (TKM) def. Tomoya Murata (JPN) 6-5
Tomoya Murata (JPN) def. Ha Tae-Yeon (KOR) 4-2, 6:50
Nepes Gukulov (TKM) def. Ha Tae-Yeon (KOR) 5-4

Pool F
Geidar Mamedaliyev (RUS) def. Dariusz Jablonski (POL) 3-0
Geidar Mamedaliyev (RUS) def. Uran Kalilov (KGZ) 3-0, 6:10
Dariusz Jablonski (POL) def. Uran Kalilov (KGZ) by forfeit

Pool G
Pasi Huntala (FIN) def. Hamou Oubrik (FRA) 8-2
Brandon Paulson (USA) def. Pasi Huntala (FIN) 4-0
Brandon Paulson (USA) def. Hamou Oubrik (FRA) by tech. sup. 11-0, 4:50

Pool H
Alfred Ter-Mkrtchyan (GER) def. Hu Kewei (CHN) 4-0
Ashot Khachaturyan (ARM) def. Osmany Duca (CUB) 3-0
Ashot Khachaturyan (ARM) def. Alfred Ter-Mkrtchyan (GER) 4-2
Osmany Duca (CUB) def. Hu Kewei (CHN) 3-0
Alfred Ter-Mkrtchyan (GER) def. Osmany Duca (CUB) 4-0
Ashot Khachaturyan (ARM) def. Hu Kewei (CHN) by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:18

Pool I
Artiom Kiouregian (GRE) def. Mohamed Moustafa Abou Ell (EGY) 6-1
Oleksandr Vakulenko (UKR) def. Kuo Sheng-pin (TPE) by tech. sup. 10-0, 1:02
Oleksandr Vakulenko (UKR) def. Mohamed Moustafa Abou Ell (EGY) by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:33
Artiom Kiouregian (GRE) def. Kuo Sheng-pin (TPE) by tech. sup. 11-0, 0:49
Mohamed Moustafa Abou Ell (EGY) def. Kuo Sheng-pin (TPE) by tech. sup. 10-0, 1:46
Artiom Kiouregian (GRE) def. Oleksandr Vakulenko (UKR) 6-5
Championship bracket, first round
Hassan Rangraz (IRI) def. Irakli Tchotchua (GEO) 13-4

Hassan Rangraz (IRI) def. Ercan Yildiz (TUR) 8-3
Nepes Gukulov (TKM) def. Marian Sandu (ROM) 7-3
Geidar Mamedaliyev (RUS) def. Brandon Paulson (USA) 3-1, 6:33
Ashot Khachaturyan (ARM) def. Artiom Kiouregian (GRE) 9-3