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 By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


MOSCOW (September 21) - Results at 120 kg after the second day of competition at the 2002 greco-roman wrestling world championships at Universal Sport Hall CSKA in Moscow:

120 KG

Pool A
Mihaly Deak-Bardos (HUN) def. Park Woo (KOR) 9-2
Juha Ahokas (FIN) def. Park Woo (KOR) 7-3
Mihaly Deak-Bardos (HUN) def. Juha Ahokas (FIN) 3-0

Pool B
Jacek Fafinski (POL) def. Payam Zarrin Pour (IRI) by fall 3:39 (6-1)
Georgiy Tsurtsumia (KAZ) def. Jacek Fafinski (POL) 3-0, 8:27
Georgiy Tsurtsumia (KAZ) def. Payam Zarrin Pour (IRI) 3-0

Pool C
Yuri Patrikeyev (RUS) def. Serguey Moreyko (BUL) 4-0
Yuri Patrikeyev (RUS) def. Mikhail Lopez (CUB) 4-0
Mikhail Lopez (CUB) def. Serguey Moreyko (BUL) 4-0

Pool D
Giuseppe Giunta (ITA) def. Nico Schmidt (GER) 3-1, 6:18
Georgiy Saldadze (UKR) def. Giuseppe Giunta (ITA) on criteria 2-2, 9:00
Nico Schmidt (GER) def. Georgiy Saldadze (UKR) by forfeit

Pool E
Yuriy Yevseychek (ISR) def. Eddy Bengtsson (SWE) 3-0
Yuriy Yevseychek (ISR) def. Shermukhammad Kuziev (UZB) 5-0
Eddy Bengtsson (SWE) def. Shermukhammad Kuziev (UZB) 3-0

Pool F
Dremiel Byers (USA) def. Song Jidong (CHN) 6-0
Dzmitry Dziabelka (BLR) def. Song Jidong (CHN) 3-0, 6:07
Dremiel Byers (USA) def. Dzmitry Dziabelka (BLR) by fall, 3:14 (4-0)

Pool G
Yilmaz Guleykta (TUR) def. Mindaugas Mizgaitis (LTU) 4-2
Xenofon Koutsioubas (GRE) def. Yilmaz Guleykta (TUR) 7-2
Xenofon Koutsioubas (GRE) def. Mindaugas Mizgaitis (LTU) 3-0

Pool H
Roe Kleive (NOR) def. Josip Matkovic (CRO) 3-0
Helger Hallik (EST) def. Andre Fransois Xavier (MRI) 4-0
Roe Kleive (NOR) def. Andre Fransois Xavier (MRI) by forfeit
Helger Hallik (EST) def. Josip Matkovic (CRO) 5-0
Helger Hallik (EST) def. Roe Kleive (NOR) 3-0, 7:09
Andre Fransois Xavier (MRI) def. Josip Matkovic (CRO) by forfeit