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 By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
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   PUSAN, South Korea (October 7) - Championship results in freestyle (55 kg, 66 kg, 84 kg, 120kg) and women's (55 kg) wrestling competition at Yangsan Gymnasium at the 14th Asian Games in Pusan, South Korea:

Men's freestyle 55 kg

Gold medal final
Dilshod Mansurov (UZB) def. Chikara Tanabe (JPN) 3-1

Bronze medal final
Mohammad Rezai (IRI) def. Maulen Mamyrov (KAZ) by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:43

Dilshod Mansurov (UZB) def. Mohammad Rezai (IRI) by tech. sup. 11-0, 4:44
Chikara Tanabe (JPN) def. Maulen Mamyrov (KAZ) 4-2

Men's freestyle 66 kg

Gold medal final
Baek Jin-Kuk (KOR) def. Alireza Dabir (IRI) 3-1

Bronze medal final
Norjin Bayarmagnai (MGL) def. Hwang Po-Song (PRK) 5-2

Baek Jin-Kuk (KOR) def. Hwang Po-Song (PRK) 7-0
Alireza Dabir (IRI) def. Norjin Bayarmagnai (MGL) 3-2

Hwang Po-Song (PRK) def. Pawan Kumar (IND) 5-4

Men freestyle 84 kg

Gold medal final
Moon Eui-Jae (KOR) def. Magomed Kurugliev (KAZ) 3-2, 8:20

Bronze medal final
Shamil Aliev (TJK) def. Aslan Sanakoev (UZB) 3-1

Moon Eui-Jae (KOR) def. Aslan Sanakoev (UZB) 3-2
Magomed Kurugliev (KAZ) def. Shamil Aliev (TJK) 3-2, 6:06

Men freestyle 120 kg

Gold medal final
Artur Taimazov (UZB) def. Abbas Jadidi (IRI) by tech. sup. 10-0, 1:03

Bronze medal final
Palwinder Singh Cheema (IND) def. Shin Jung-Hun (KOR) 10-0, 4:13

Artur Taimazov (UZB) def. Shin Jung-Hun (KOR) by tech. sup. 10-0, 1:06
Abbas Jadidi (IRI) def. Palwinder Singh Cheema (IND) by fall, 2:19 (5-0)

Palwinder Singh Cheema (IND) def. Li Jinlong (CHN) 9-6
Palwinder Singh Cheema (IND) def. Akihito Tanaka (JPN) by tech. sup. 12-1, 5:08 (contested 10.6)
Li Jinlong (CHN) def. Akihito Tanaka (JPN) by tech. sup. 12-0, 2:12 (contested 10.6)

Women 55 kg (5-way round-robin)
(Rounds 1-3 contested 10.6)

Round 4
Saori Yoshida (JPN) def. Alka Tomar (IND) by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:34
Lee Na Lae (KOR) def. Sun Dongmei (CHN) by fall, 3:15 (5-2)
Naidan Ongonjargal (MGL) - Bye

Round 5
Saori Yoshida (JPN) def. Lee Na Lae (KOR) by tech. sup. 11-1, 1:39
Naidan Ongonjargal (MGL) def. Sun Dongmei (CHN) by injury default Alka Tomar (IND) - Bye

Final rankings
G - Saori Yoshida, Japan (4-0, 16 classification points)
S - Lee Na Lae, Korea (2-2, 9 pts)
B - Naidan Ongonjargal, Mongolia (2-2, 8 pts)
4 - Alka Tomar, India (1-3, 5 pts)
5 - Sun Dongmei, China (1-3, 3 pts)