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 By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee
Kyodo World Services, senior sports


    PATRAS (Greece) - Results of quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches at 58 kg, 69 kg, 85 kg and 130 kg on the fourth and final day of the 46th greco-roman wrestling world championships at Dimitrios Tofalos Stadium on Sunday:

[58 kg]

    Championship final
Dilshod Aripov (UZB) def. Karen Mnatsakanyan (ARM) 6-3
    Third-place match
Roberto Monzon (CUB) def. Armen Nazarian (BUL) 3-1, 6:08
Dilshod Aripov (UZB) def. Roberto Monzon (CUB) 4-2
Karen Mnatsakanyan (ARM) def. Armen Nazarian (BUL) 5-4
Roberto Monzon (CUB) def. Aghbolagh Ali Ashkani (IRI) 6-2
Dilshod Aripov (UZB) def. Djamel Ainaoui (FRA) 3-2
Karen Mnatsakanyan (ARM) def. Kang Kyung Il (KOR) 4-0
Armen Nazarian (BUL) def. Makoto Sasamoto (JPN) 8-2

[69 kg]

    Championship final
Filiberto Azcuy (CUB) def. Alexej Gloushkov (RUS) 4-0
    Third-place match
Rustam Adzhy (UKR) def. Jimmy Samuelson (SWE) by  fall, 1:28 (6-0)
Filiberto Azcuy (CUB) def. Jimmy Samuelson (SWE) 8-4
Alexej Gloushkov (RUS) def. Rustam Adzhy (UKR) 8-1
Jimmy Samuelson (SWE) def. Parviz Zaidvand (IRI) by injury default, 3:18
Filiberto Azcuy (CUB) def. Son Sang-Pil (KOR) 5-0
Alexej Gloushkov (RUS) def. Max Schwindt (GER) 4-0
Rustam Adzhy (UKR) def. Moises Sanchez (ESP) by tech. sup. 11-1, 4:45

[85 kg]

    Championship final
Mukhran Vakhrangadze (GEO) def. Matt Lindland (USA) 2-1, O.T. 9:00
    Third-place match
Oleksandr Daragan (UKR) def. Alexander Menshikov (RUS) 3-2, O.T. 6:33
Mukhran Vakhrangadze (GEO) def. Oleksandr Daragan (UKR) 3-0
Matt Lindland (USA) def. Alexander Menshikov (RUS)6-2
Mukhran Vakhrangadze (GEO) def. Martin Lidberg (SWE) 3-2
Oleksandr Daragan (UKR) def. Sandor Bardosi (HUN) 3-2, O.T. 8:31
Matt Lindland (USA) def. Evgeniy Erofaylov (UZB) by tech. sup. 11-0, 1:58
Alexander Menshikov (RUS) def. Luis Mendez (CUB) 3-2

[130 kg]

    Championship final
Rulon Gardner (USA) def. Mihaly Deak-Bardos (HUN) 2-0, O.T. 9:00
    Third-place match
Xenofon Koutsioubas (GRE) def. Sergey Moureyko (BUL) 8-0
Mihaly Deak-Bardos (HUN) def. Xenofon Koutsioubas (GRE) by fall, 4:16 (4-0)
Rulon Gardner (USA) def. Sergey Moureyko (BUL) 3-0
Xenofon Koutsioubas (GRE) def. Mijain Lopez (CUB) 6-1
Mihaly Deak-Bardos (HUN) def. Eddy Bengtsson (SWE) 3-1
Rulon Gardner (USA) def. Yuri Patrikeev (RUS) by fall, 5:00 (4-3)
Sergey Moureyko (BUL) def. George Tsurtsumia (GEO) on criteria 4-4, O.T. 9:00