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IOC approves womern's wrestling, rejects new events
 LAUSANNE, Switzerlan (AP, 19, September) --- The IOC gave its approval to adding women's wrestling for the 2004 Olympics but told boxing to cut one of its weight divisions and rejected new events in a number of other sports,

 The moves Wednesday by the International Olympic Committee must still be adpted by the sports' international federations before they are applied to the schedule for the Athens Games.

 Because the addition of women's wrestling is tied to a cut in men's wrestling events, final approval is not a certainty.

 In the continuting effort to increase female participation in the Olympics, the IOC gave its approval to the addition of four women's events in wrestling. But, in return, two men's wrestling events would have to be cut.

 IOC sports director Gilbert Felli said the Interntional wrestling federation may not agree to the reduction. "If we are going to be tough, we will tell them, 'If you want to include women and increase the quota, then you must also eliminate the other events," he said.